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A brand with quality you can see and a field-to-factory freshness you can taste.

Meet the family.

The Morning Star Packing Company and our sister companies, Valley Sun Products Inc. and Paradise Tomato Kitchens, have over 45 years of combined experience at every point in the tomato production process. From growing the best plants to harvesting, hauling, and round-the-clock processing, we have truly become fluently versed in all things tomato.

mornig start tomato products

To remain competitive for the long term, we must be innovative. Throughout our enterprises, we emphasize innovative thought to rigorously maintain our position as the leading force for developing and implementing new and improved technology and methods in the tomato product industry.


Check out our extensive portfolio of premium California tomato-based products.

Globally diversified.

Tomato product distribution

Consistently reliable quality.

Product sourcing security.

Worldwide distribution.

Cost-effective solutions.

Our processing plants are located in the heart of two of the most fertile tomato regions in the world: California and the Mediterranean. Every year hundreds of family growers within a close proximity to the factories contract with us, providing us access to consistently high-quality tomatoes throughout the entire season.

Foodservice - #10 Pouch
Premium Red-Whole Peeled in Puree
Whole Peeled in Juice
Ground Peeled Crushed in Puree
Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed
Morning Star Factory
Random Strips in Puree
Tomato Sauce
Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce
California Tomato Field
Gourmet Marinara
Fire Roasted Diced in Juice
Fire Roasted Salsa
Diced in Juice
Petite Diced in Juice
Tomato Paste 24 percent
Tomato Puree - 1.06

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