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Company history.
Distribution and product sourcing.
Supply chain and logistics.

A history of innovation.

The Morning Star Company was founded in 1970 by Chris Rufer as a one truck owner operator, hauling tomatoes to other canneries during his college summer breaks. Over the years Morning Star has grown to include three tomato product processing facilities, a sun-drying operation, trucking, harvesting and transplanting companies, and a handful of beneficial partnerships - Paradise Tomato Kitchens being one of them. Product lines have grown from bulk industrial tomato products to our most recent venture into the foodservice and retail industries using innovative and sustainably smart pouches in place of cans.
Though we have expanded into a fully integrated enterprise, we remain family owned and operated by Chris Rufer.


Ribbon Cutting Day
The Morning Star Packing Co.
Los Banos, CA
Chris Rufer rented 1st tomato truck as a summer college job.
The Morning Star Co. was founded.
(Trucking only.)
The Morning Star Packing Co., Los Banos was founded.
Paradise Tomato Kitchens partnership formed.
The Morning Star Packing Co., Williams was founded.
Cal Sun Harvesting was founded. Now Cal Sun Grower Services.
Liberty Packing Co., Santa Nella was founded.
Joined CA Masterplant. (Greenhouse and Transplanting)
Purchased VSP Products, Inc.
(Sun-Dried Tomatoes.)
Began selling Paradiso foodservice tomato products in a pouch.
Dedicated organic line added at Liberty Packing Co.

Globally diversified. Sustainably smart.

Worldwide distribution.
By utilizing our business relationships across all enterprises, we are able to provide a national and international network of distribution centers and brokers.
paradiso tomato products distribution
Product sourcing security.
By sourcing, drying, and packaging our sun-dried tomatoes in both California and Turkey, along with contracting with hundreds of family growers in California for our foodservice products, we are able to offer a consistently reliable quality product all season long.
paradiso tomato products - field
Cost-effective solutions.
paradiso tomato products - sun dried tomatoes
Our Mediterranean tomatoes are picked at the peak of season, when they are red and ripe, just as they are in California; however, they offer a cost-effective advantage through operational processes, factory location, and distribution opportunities.

Supply chain and logistics.

Our products ship direct from our warehouses, cutting out the middle-man and affording us the flexibility to ship through a multitude of channels. Whatever your preference, we are happy to discuss a delivery plan that is best for your company.
paradiso tomato products - distribution
Our partners.
Our business relationships span in all directions. We work directly with restaurants, foodservice vendors, retailers, brokers, manufacturers of all sizes, and distributors, including broadliners, specialty and produce companies.
If you are interested in any of our Paradiso products then please contact us to further discuss.
paradiso tomato products - distribution


After 45 years in the tomato business, we've learned a few things. And we want to share that expertise with you.
 The links listed below will provide you with a wealth of tomato information. You may also visit The Morning Star Packing Company's website at, Paradise Tomato Kitchen's  at, Valley Sun Products, Inc. at, and The Morning Star Trucking Company at
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