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California Grown Tomato Products

"Where Freshness and Convenience Meet"

Our red and ripe tomatoes, picked at the peak of season, are grown throughout California's Central Valley, the world's most prolific tomato growing region.

Foodservice products.

If you're looking for tomato ingredient products to create your own signature dishes or sauces, Paradiso tomato products are the essential ingredients to your success.

By sourcing our tomatoes throughout the entire harvesting season, we are able to capture a freshness unique to California. This enables us to offer a consistently reliable high-quality product line that is sure to enhance your signature menu.

Peak of season freshness you can taste.

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Ask us about our additional value-add products... green tomatoes, heavy fire roasted tomatoes and more.

California premium tomatoes.

Consistently reliable quality.

Our processing plants are located in the heart of California's tomato country, where hundreds of family growers contract with us each year. This close proximity provides us access to consistently high-quality tomatoes throughout the entire season.

Pouch factory location:

Los Banos, CA

Our tomato sourcing region.

Field-factory freshness.

We harvest and haul all of our own tomatoes from the field to the factory. Our trailers are the largest available, which allows us to bring in the freshest tomatoes around the clock in fewer loads and process and pack them within 4 hours of harvesting.

Learn more about The Morning Star Trucking Company at

The pouch advantage.

Over 25 years ago, we pioneered where the future of food packaging needed to go. We helped revolutionize an industry and have continued to do so ever since.


Sustainable, reliable, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible packaging: the #10 pouch.

No BPA coating

No sharp edges

No metal shavings upon opening


2 - 3 year shelf life

4 durable layers for superior support

paradiso tomato products

Sustainably smart. Superior innovation.

Cost savings through innovation.

Leading-edge technologies and vertical integration make our manufacturing processes streamlined, reliable, and affordable, which allow us to pass on the savings to our customers.

less GHG generation from package production

reduction in sustainable material

source reduction



Reduced carbon footprint.


Brand new empty pouches heading to the plant.

tomato products

Sustainability statement.

We're committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business with practices that are socially responsible, environmentally friendly, scientifically sound, and economical. We do this through manufacturing initiatives, advancing our pouch packaging, recycling programs, and employee efforts.

Supply chain and logistics.

Detailed information on distribution, logistics and our partners can be found on the Information page.

Certifications & Affiliations


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